Learning Side Sleeping To Achieve Better Health

Always get a good night’s sleep. Make sure that your bed is comfortable and play some light music if you can for the ambience. Wear comfortable clothing. Don’t eat immediately before going to the bed. All this will help, but your actual sleeping position is important too. Research suggests that side sleeping could be the better option. It can give you better health, and remove back and neck pain, and even reduce or completely eliminate snoring. So try side sleeping if you haven’t done this already.

In this article, we focus on sleeping positions, especially side sleeping and best pillows for side sleeper. But before we progress any further, you should note that most people are side sleepers, though they may not necessarily realize this.

Side Sleeping and Its Health Benefits

Most people sleep on their sides, as it is the most comfortable position. Plus, it also gives your spine the natural alignment. In fact, both the back and spine can stay relaxed in this position, thus releasing pressure efficiently and making you feel comfortable. Those who are in the habit of snoring can quiet down once they use a side sleeping pillow for a few days or weeks. Research also suggests that instances of heartburn and other ailments are also reduced considerably.

Wrong sleeping positions can be bad for you in many ways. You won’t be relaxed in the morning if you have slept in an unnatural position. It doesn’t matter how long you have slept. You can sleep on your left or right side, as both these positions are better than sleeping on your back.

But not just the position, even the pillow you choose will play a huge role in giving you good sleep. You should choose the right pillow for side sleeping. The right pillow for side sleepers should always be firmer and it should support their lower back and hips. Use a second pillow to support your neck area and head and ensure that your body is in a straight line.

Learning To Sleep On Your Side

Here are some good methods.

  • You can place a tennis ball either on your back or front side of your clothing, depending on whether you are a back or stomach sleeper. You are trying to make it uncomfortable for you to sleep on any other position apart from your sides.
  • Place a large object at the center of your bed so that you cannot lie down on it on your stomach or back. You will then be forced to move to one of the sides.
  • Try sleeping on the sofa for a few days. The sofa is usually less wide as compared to most beds. You will be compelled to sleep on your side as you can fall down when you sleep on your back or stomach. Do this for two weeks and then move back to your bed.
  • You can even place two pillows on both the sides to give yourself the support you need to stay on the side while sleeping. However, this may not be the best method as pillows aren’t usually strong obstacles. But this can still work.
  • Use a total body pillow if you must. This will prevent you from moving too much and you will be completely wrapped and comfortable. But you cannot cuddle your partner in this position.
  • Use a side sleeping pillow where there is an opening at the bottom part within the pillow. You can put your arm through the pillow. This relieves pressure from your arm and makes you more comfortable. It will be easier for you to sleep in this position and develop this habit.

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